The flowers of rowan are delicate and fragile and bloom for less then ten days. The same appeared to be the lives of the young girls who were sent to clear mines left after the World War II on the fields of northern Russia.

According to the resolution of the State defense committee a number of groups were formed from civilians who after a short instruction were sent to clear mines left after the Nazi invasion.

The groups consisted mainly from sixteen-eighteen year old girls.

They were young, their life was in bloom and their hearts were longing to love. Marusya was a promising artist. Polina, a young widow, was learning to live without her beloved. But the destiny had its own plans for their lives. It prepared for each girl her own waltz on the mine field.

No book has ever been written about that brave feat. The film is based on a material gathered during the research for a documentary about girls-mineseekers in Vologodskaya region of Russia. This is the true story that the filmmakers got to learn from the interviews of the survivors.

This is the story about the youth seen by the eyes and brought to the screen by the young filmmakers Alyona Semenova and Alexander Smirnov. So shrilling one. So precious – as it helps us not to forget about lasting values, the spirit of courage and desperate life of the young during the War. Any War.




Production year – 2010

Production company – Film Programme XXI century

In theaters from April 29, 2010

Film length – 98 minutes

·        Produced by Vladimir Esinov

·        Script – Tatiana Miroshnik, Alyona Semenova, Mariya Mozhar

·        Directed by Alyona Semenova and Alexander Smirnov

·        Cinematography by Alexander Smirnov

·        Art Director – Alexander Guilyarevsky

·        Composer – Evgeniy Doga

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